The Work Revolution

The Work Revolution

The Art of Healthy High Performance and Leadership in Modern Work and Life

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We need to rethink our approach to work, leadership and teams.

This book is designed to allow you to become more effective and more human at work, in both team and leadership positions.

Through introspection and an awareness of our personality and character, The Work Revolution helps you develop practical tools and techniques to build a healthy approach to the modern working world.

In order to create a sustainable change, Jonathan Males guides you to new habits and how to put these in to practice in both team and leadership roles.

The author invites you to assess your relationship with both your work and personal life, and to understand what you need to create healthy, meaningful and positive change.

Jonathan Males is a sport psychologist and executive coach who has helped Olympians and business leaders to
achieve success since 1993.

As a sport psychologist he has helped athletes and coaches at eight Olympic and Paralympic Games. As an executive coach and team development specialist he coaches teams and their leaders in business sectors including property, IT, investment management, pharmaceuticals, and legal services.

He holds a first-class degree in Psychology and a PhD in Performance Psychology and is the founder of Mezzana

About this book 
How we got in this mess 
A vision of healthy high performance 
My story 
Chapter 1. Who are you and what do you want? 
Who are you? Personality and character 
What do you want? Motivation and thinking styles 
Light and dark 
Healthy, sustainable motivation 
Want to know more? 
Chapter 2. Worldviews – our inner maps of the world 
The match between your worldview and the demands of your role 
Transitioning from one worldview to the next 
Communication between worldviews 23
Want to know more? 
Chapter 3. Self-awareness as the key to change 
Map of inner experience 
Immunity to Change 
Enabling change 
The power of 1% 
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Chapter 4. Think Straight 
Why thinking matters 
How working life distorts thinking – and how our thinking distorts working life. 
Cognitive biases – inbuilt thinking problems 
The perils of short cuts – how assumptions can get in the way 
How to improve the quality of your thinking 
Thinking with others 
Want to work on this? 
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Chapter 5. Relate Well 
Why relationships matter 
How modern work and our minds distort relationships. 
Self and other 
Understanding needs in relationships 
How to improve relationships 
High performance communication 
Giving feedback – understanding impact and intent 
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Chapter 6. Act Powerfully 
Why action matters 
Why modern work stops us getting much done 
Organising your working environment 
The creative orientation – overcoming barriers to action. 
Structural tension 
Mindfulness and current reality – accepting what is 
Bringing this to life 
Alignment, purpose and motivation 
Want to work on this? 
Want to know more? 
Chapter 7. Building Exceptional Teams 
Why teams matter 
How teams are changing 
Harnessing the power of teams 
Being an effective team member 
A Framework for exceptional teams 
The outcomes – belief, confidence, and trust 
Remote and Hybrid Teams 
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Chapter 8. Leading in new worlds 
What sort of world are we living in? 
Cynefin – a map for new worlds 
Given the VUCA world in which we live, what does leadership mean and what do leaders need to do? 
We don’t need another hero 
New archetypes for leadership – hearth holders and agitators, coaches and explorers 
Your inner readiness to lead 
Look out for the shadow 
People and Task: Coach and Explorer 
Stability and Change: Hearth holder and Agitator 
The relationship between the archetypes 
Meaningful Purpose 
Reimagining the future 
Want to work on this? 
Want to know more? 
Epilogue – the power of having enough, rather than always wanting more 

"Jonathan Males shares a lifetime of experience in sport and business to create a manual for modern leaders to be better humans."

Matt Horton, Group Head of Private Equity, Aztec Group

‘The Work Revolution’ is as essential reading as ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People'.

As a human being, how can you say you understand people, if you don’t fully understand yourself? After helping you to understand who you are and carefully guiding you forward, ‘The Work Revolution’ helps you to enhance your effectiveness and authenticity in work, and out of work. Divided into sections, it covers foundational aspects like identity and self-awareness. It introduces the ‘ART of Performance’, emphasising thinking, relating, and acting. ‘The Work Revolution’ offers practical advice and encourages the development of new habits. It extends its principles to teams, emphasising their transformative power in work culture, and explores evolving leadership roles with four archetypes. The book's conclusion invites you to shift your focus from constant pursuit to seeking "enough" in the important aspects of your life. ‘The Work Revolution’ is an essential resource for holistic personal and professional growth. It’s a must read for every leader, for generations to come.

Darren Fergus, President, TweidPharma

In this excellent and accessible book Jonathan Males brings to bear all his white-water canoeing expertise and years of business experience to help us navigate the complex and speedy fluidity of life and work today. Elegant summaries of context - how we got here and our current polarised geo-political landscapes - cut through the confounding detail to focus on the key points. Males then offers us models and pathways to journey with, around and through, our entangled, constantly shifting world to restore our sense of agency and excitement in engaging with our work - in a healthy and balanced way.

Males is an ambitious high performer and a man of empathy, psychological insight and kindness - a combination not always found in the business world. It’s a mix we badly need today. This book is optimistic, practical and a warm companion to support and encourage us to bring our best selves to our work, our purpose and our lives.

Hetty Einzig, author of The Future of Coaching: Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World

Bursting with wisdom and insight, this is an enjoyable and accessible read.  Jonathan has impressively distilled decades of experience into a simple framework to help you understand where you and your team are and where you could go by developing skills to think, relate and act in a healthy way.  It’s a guide and toolkit anyone can dip into to boost their wellbeing and performance and that of those they lead. The result is a tonic for the often complex and chaotic world we navigate through as leaders.  This is a book to pick up again and again when you need a leadership ‘pick me up’.

Alison Barnes, CEO of the New Forest National National Parks England Lead Officer for Wildlife and Nature Recovery Park Authority
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