Dark Realities

Dark Realities

America's Great Depression

This book covers the turbulent period of 1921 to 1942 in America's history, which went from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression and recovery via the New Deal. It introduces us to the key figures and reveals the impact which the Great Depression had on the American people.

Will be of value to GCSE, AS and A level history students looking for an accessible account of the Great Depression.

The Roaring Twenties, jazz music, Hollywood glamour: the end of the First World War ushered in a golden age for America, with a booming stock market and rampant property speculation. It seemed as if the good times with Presidents Harding and then Coolidge in charge would never end. In marked contrast were the fortunes of many European countries, struggling to repay war debts and with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles plunging Germany into economic catastrophe.

With Herbert Hoover now President, the US markets continued to climb and some investors sold out, sensing trouble ahead. The Crash came in October 1929, and America slid into deep depression. Against a background of bank failures, industrial decline, rural poverty and unemployment, protests, strikes and riots broke out.

Hoover was swept from power in 1932 and it fell to the new President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to revive America's fortunes with a number of ground-breaking new programmes which made up the New Deal.

This book covers this turbulent period in America's history, introducing us to the key figures and revealing the impact which the Great Depression had on the American people.

Will be of value to GCSE, AS and A level history students looking for an accessible account of the Great Depression.


Chapter 1         The Birth of the Twenties

From Wilson to Harding

Death in California

Chapter 2         The Boom Years

Keep Cool With Coolidge

The Resignation of a President

The Joys of Capitalism

The Presidential Election of 1928

Chapter 3         The Storm Clouds Gather

The Florida Land Boom

Post-war Europe

Reparations and War Debts

Chapter 4         Meanwhile on Wall Street....

The Great Boom

Enter the Federal Reserve

The Last Days

Chapter 5         Like a Bolt out of Hell

Black Thursday

Black Tuesday

No Respite

Chapter 6         The Onset of the Depression

“No one in his place could have done more”

Dark Times Approach

The Trials of President Hoover

Chapter 7         America October 1929 – December 1932

Hunger, Hoovervilles and Hoboes

The Bonus Army

Chapter 8         A New Beginning

The Defeat of President Hoover

The New President

Governor of New York

Chapter 9         One Hundred Days

The Banking Crisis of 1933

Three Emergency Measures

Relief for Farmers

The Tennessee Valley Authority

The Unemployed

The End of the Hundred Days

Chapter 10       Dark Realities

Roosevelt’s Bombshell

Trouble with the NRA

Set a Thief to Catch a Thief

Chapter 11        Nemeses

The Kingfisher

Father Coughlin

The World Court

Legal Challenges

Problems with Poultry

Chapter 12       The Second New Deal


The Big Bill

The Social Security Act of 1935

The Tax Bill

Chapter 13       Moving Forwards

“Reform if you would preserve…”

Showdown with the Supreme Court

Chapter 14       The Arsenal of Democracy

The Roosevelt Recession

Over There

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