Landlord and tenant, buying and selling a home, SDLT and VAT on property

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Home Truths

A guide to buying, selling and renting property

The purpose of this book is to offer, in one place, enough information for you to assess your needs in the world of property thoughtfully, how to ask the right questions (and who to ask).

Being a Landlord

Being a Landlord is a simple yet comprehensive and practical step by step guide for private rented sector landlords, letting agents and social housing landlords who grant Assured Shorthold Tenancies. The book covers the full life cycle of a tenanted property – from the selection of new tenants to their departure and the check-out procedure.

VAT and Property

Guidance on the application of VAT to UK property transactions and the property sector

This book offers clear and practical guidance on the application of VAT to property transactions providing assistance to individuals, property businesses and professionals. It covers guidance on VAT and property issues including: residential, commercial, charitable and mixed-use property, housing associations, protected buildings, and caravans. VAT refund schemes, the capital goods scheme and TOGC issues are also covered. 

Includes detailed HMRC guidance and forms on CD-ROM