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UK Taxation: a simplified guide for students

Finance Act 2020 edition

UK Taxation for Students  is a completely self-contained text (including at the front of the book all the various allowances, tax rates etc. that a student may need).

Fully updated for Finance Act 2020, including new capital allowance rules and emergency measures introduced as a result of COVID-19. This book can be used either on its own or in conjunction with other texts. It is, however, completely self-contained.

This book is written in a user-friendly manner. It includes over 180 worked examples plus true and false quizzes and a further 101 questions for readers. Complex jargon is avoided. Simple English is used. This book also assumes absolutely no prior knowledge about UK taxation. This book covers the five main UK taxes, namely, income tax (paid by individuals), capital gains tax (paid by individuals), corporation tax (paid by companies), value added tax (levied on consumers by businesses) and inheritance tax (normally payable on the death of an individual). National Insurance Contributions are also included.

Although this book is primarily aimed at students studying at undergraduate level, these are the taxes which typically form the core of the syllabuses for most of the UK’s professional examinations in taxation such as those of the ACCA, AAT and perhaps for AAT.

Model answers to Appendix 2 available from